RIVECO car wash

The new non-contact car wash, unique in its technology, active foam with warm water or shampoo with warm water – together with osmotic water will guarantee you cleanliness without smudges and scratches.
All you have to do is wash and rinse with osmosis, let it dry and you will not be left with dried points due to osmosis, as in ordinary car washes. In the winter months, the floors of the boxes are heated, so comfortable washing is possible throughout the winter.

Self-service washing boxes meet all customer needs, technologies are able to give the customer a guarantee of excellent results in cleaning and car care, they offer a wide range of programs and the possibility of using active foam.


Washing box

Non-contact self-service washing boxes.

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Washing machine mats

The mat washer is the perfect helper for cleaning textile car mats.


Double vacuum cleaners

You have 2 vacuum boxes with turbo suction power.


5 in 1 device

Beater, beater vacuum cleaner, deck cleaning, perfume maker, tire recovery, compressor.

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Vending machine

It is used to exchange any cash for 50 cents / 1 euro, or to top up credit.